Florida Keys Offshore Fishing

Not much beats the thrill of fighting large fish in open water on a Florida Keys offshore fishing excursion. The scream of the reel as you fight run after run from these powerful creatures’ desperate attempts to escape will surely burn into your memory and live with you long after our trip is over. Don’t take my word for it, though – come experience the action for yourself!


25′ Sea Vee Center Console, 4 anglers

  • 1/2 Day: $750 (4 hours)
  • 3/4 Day: $950 (6 hours)
  • Full Day: $1150 (8 hours, unlimited range)

Our Offshore Quarry

Dolphin (AKA Mahi Mahi)

The backbone of Florida Keys offshore fishing, Dolphin are perhaps the most sought after saltwater gamefish in the Keys. One of the fastest growing fish in the ocean, fish over 30-40 pounds are quite common. Usually traveling in large schools, once located Dolphin can provide solid action for several hours. Hard fighting, incredible acrobatics, and excellent table fare makes fishing for these colorful gamefish an exciting venture. “Schoolies” are commonly caught year round, with the largest Mahi being caught in the warmer months between April through December.


Considered by many to be the fastest fish in the ocean, Sailfish combine speed and amazing acrobatics to produce an incredibly exciting battle once hooked up. Nicknamed the “tail walker”, Sailfish are one of the most prized gamefish in the world. Sailfish start making their way into the FL Keys in good numbers beginning in the fall and peak between Nov-April. Under the right conditions, schools of dozens of these fish can be seen “tailing” on the surface chasing bait and can produce large numbers of hookups. Although caught year round, prime sail-fishing occurs in the winter and spring, from December through April. Live bait fishing with 20lb test light tackle spinning is the preferred fishing method.


Another speed demon, wahoo are Captain Nate’s personal favorite target. Wahoo strikes are unmistakable. The very hard hit followed by a lengthy, drag screaming run rivals that of all other species in the Florida Keys. In addition to being an incredible fighter, Wahoo is considered an absolute delicacy on the dinner table, sought after by many gourmet chefs around the world. Beginning in the fall around September, peak season for wahoo is in the cooler months between Nov-March. The greatest thing about winter wahoo down here in the FL Keys is they are not far offshore. A short 8 mile run off the edge of the reef is where the largest fish are caught.


If you are like Captain Nate, then tuna sushi and sashimi is your favorite. Although Yellowfin are occasionally caught, the most prominent are the very tasty Blackfin tuna. Commonly ranging from 10-30 pounds, tuna are one of the best pound for pound fighters around, providing incredible drag screaming excitement on light tackle. Usually traveling in large schools, Tuna can be some of the most consistent action when they are around. During the cooler months between October through April, Tuna move in from the super deep and are commonly caught over wrecks between 120-250′ of water. Occasionally they are even caught on top of the reef in as shallow as 40′.


Another great highly migratory gamefish that makes their migratory pass around the Florida Keys. Although not the prettiest of species, these large brown fish are often mistaken for sharks and are one of the best eating fish down here. With a very large range, Cobia can be caught anywhere from the wrecks in the Gulf of mexico, shallow flats, or anywhere on the ocean side. Fall and early winter they are usually targeted on the gulf side wrecks and flats. Winter and Spring they begin to move ocean side and are targeted with live bait sight fishing on the ocean side.

Grouper & Snapper

If edible is what your after, then fishing the numerous wrecks and reefs for grouper and snapper is your game. Caught year round, these fish provide excellent rod bending action, as well as a great dinner. Snapper fishing on the reef can be some of the most exciting, consistent action available. Even though Grouper is off limits from January through April, they are usually plentiful in number and can be a very exciting catch and release species. Yellowtail and mangrove snapper are a great fun fish target usually providing lots of small game action. Larger mutton ranging from 10-20lbs are very commonly caught.

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