Florida Keys Inshore Fishing

Get up close and personal with the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys and all of its fishy denizens with a Florida Keys inshore fishing trip! Our day begins on Summerland Key and continues out into the wild backcountry of this amazing area. Whether you’re after bones, tarpon, permit, reds, or other quarry, Captain Nate can make it happen.


16′ Hewes Bonefisher Flats Boat, 2 anglers

  • 1/2 Day: $500 (4 hours)
  • 3/4 Day: $600 (6 hours)
  • Full Day: $700 (8 hours)

Our Inshore Quarry


Possibly the most sought after fish in the FL Keys, these monsters can exceed 200 pounds. Commonly known as the “Silver King”- aggressive feeding, long powerful runs, incredible endurance and amazing acrobatics certainly support the name. Large migratory species show themselves in the Keys around February and last well into September, with peak months being April through July. Small “native” tarpon ranging from 5 to 30 lbs can be caught year round and are exceptional August through November. Sight fishing large fish in only a couple feet of water can be a fly fisherman’s dream. Night fishing is often the best chance at catching one of these beasts, especially during the warmest months. Eating a large range of baits from small baitfish to crustaceans, Tarpon are a prime fly fishing target.


Finicky is the best word to describe a permit. Considered by many to be the Mt. Everest of fly fishing, permit are an incredibly hard fighting species. Long runs, quick turns, and a big tall body that loves to go deep and turn broadside, fighting a permit takes a great deal of finesse and patience. Fishing for permit requires very accurate casting and a lot of patience. Although finicky on fly, they usually will eat a live crustacean quite aggressively. Unlike many other species of the flats, permit are very hardy and can handle the cold winter and hot summer quite well. Caught year round, with prime months being March through October. Permit have a tendency to move around quite a bit, allowing different methods to fish them throughout the different times of year.


With mirror like scales reflecting their surroundings, bonefish have an amazing ability to simply disappear right in front of your eyes- dubbing this species the “Grey Ghost”. Commonly referred to as the 7th fastest fish in the world, and the fastest of the shallow water gamefish, bonefish provide long, jaw dropping, drag screaming runs. Light tackle rods able to hold good amounts of line aboard shallow draft boats is the preferred method for stalking bonefish. Throwing a fly at a nice bone feeding in only inches of water is a unique, heart stopping experience. Although caught year round, cold days during winter months can make these fish a bit finicky. Prime bonefish starts in April, with prime months being August through October, with some of the largest fish caught in November-December.

Barracuda, Jack & Shark

Often over-looked by many fishermen, these predators of the flats can be incredibly fun to catch. Generally large in size, these aggressive feeders can be incredibly fun to catch and usually the best time for the younger generation of fishermen. These are most often the prime targeted species during the winter months, as large barracuda love to sun themselves in the shallow water flats during the cold months.

Redfish & Snook

Although not as common in the Lower Keys as elsewhere in south Florida, certain times of year large schools of these species will inhabit our shallow waters. Aggressive and hard fighting, these fish can be an absolute blast. Leaving the middle Keys and making the short blast north into FL bay can be a unique experience, fishing some of the outer island not commonly fished out of areas of the upper Keys and South Florida.


Another often overlooked species, snapper are a very hard fighting fish pound for pound. This is the species of choice for someone who wants to take something home for dinner. With reliably constant action, they also make great fun for younger anglers.

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